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27 June 1987
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friends only.
Only two rules:
1) Add me first.
2) Comment on this post to be added.

If you share my fandoms I'll most likely add you back... Provided you dont live within a 100km radius of me XD;

g o l d i e .
23 june.27.87 sydney,australia chinese orange netting
backstreet boys music 100%feel(series) animenaruto

anime&manga fullmetal alchemist, gravitation, evangelion, dnangel, naruto, getbackers, escaflowne, dragonball z/gt, inuyasha, initial d, fruits basket.
tv ally mcbeal, friends, heroes, numb3rs, burn notice, 90210, rules of engagement, 2.5men,
music bsb, McFly, lead, laruku, hyde, tetsu69, 古巨基, 梁漢文, 許志安, 陳小春, 周杰倫
books angels and demons, deception point, sacred art of stealing, witchbeast, darkness falls
movies the pianist, atlantis: the lost city, the last samurai, catch me if you can
s2 adrien brody, will smith, jessica alba

graphics journal carbon_paper

awards + resources

graphics.site   rustic.d
greatestjournal   evergreen
xanga   dousen
audioscrobbler   shinshoku

complete list

Full Metal Alchemist is Love

I Love Shikamaru
I Love Kiba
I Love Lee

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